Black Student Charged With Secretly Running Anti-Black Twitter Account, Making Threats

Earlier this year, Twitter announced it had suspended 360,000 accounts, mostly linked to the Islamic State group, as part of a stepped-up effort to curb terrorism-linked talk on the social network

A 14-year-old Baltimore high school student has been charged after police found her behind a Twitter account making threats of violence.

The account in question went by the handle of “@KoolKidsKlanKKK” and reportedly sent out a tweet saying: “We’re planning to attack tomorrow.” The police, in coordination with Twitter, were led back to the young woman responsible.

“Authorities interviewed the girl while she was with her parents, and police say she admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening tweet.

She was charged with a juvenile citation for disruption of school activities and released to her parents.”

Additionally, CBS reports that the language used on the Twitter account was extremely similar to that on a racist “Kool Kids Klan” petition passed around that same high school.

No charges were made for that specific incident.


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