Ciccotta: America Needs Individuals With The Capacity To Bring Us Together


Breitbart News campus correspondent Tom Ciccotta claimed America “is in desperate need of individuals who have the capacity to bring us together,” during his event with AEI resident scholar Christina Hoff Sommers at Bucknell University, Thursday.

A slate of editorials released by the independent student newspaper of UC Berkeley, The Daily Californian, entitled ‘violence as self-defense’ not only justified the violence, but even claimed that it was necessary to protect student safety. Safety from ideas,” declared Ciccotta on the topic of the riot last week at UC Berkeley. “It should be a concern for us all that some of our nation’s brightest students, attending one our nation’s best public universities, the same university that gave birth to the free speech movement, believe that violence is an acceptable response to an inflammatory guest speaker.”

This is what helps to create white identitarian groups, white supremacist groups – both the legal system and our institutions, our universities, setting different standards of expected decency for people based on the way that they look or the political beliefs that they hold,” he continued. “My time as a student activist is coming to a close. Above all else, I’ve learned in these four years that the American political landscape is in desperate need of individuals who have the capacity to bring us together and remind us of our common humanity, regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, or political persuasion. As Bucknellians, we should all strive to be this kind of person.”

Written from prepared remarks.


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