Tom Ciccotta Slams Bucknell Professor Who Recommended Imposing ‘Steep and Lasting Price’ on MILO Organizers


Breitbart News campus correspondent Tom Ciccotta slammed Bucknell University Professor Marcellus Andrews during his event at the college with AEI resident scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, Thursday, after Andrews allegedly called conservative students “fascists” and encouraged others “to impose a steep and lasting price,” on them.

“On Monday, January 16th, Bucknell Professor Marcellus Andrews wrote an open email to the Bucknell community addressing his concerns about discrimination on campus in light of the rise of Donald Trump to the White House,” announced Ciccotta during the event. “In his email, the professor specifically singled out the conservative and libertarian students at Bucknell, calling us ‘racists and fascists’ for arranging a guest lecture event that occurred almost a year ago.”

“Alarmingly, Professor Andrews claimed that students who felt targeted by last February’s speaker needed ‘to be able to impose a steep and lasting price on the racists and fascists’ that organized the event,” he continued. “In the same email, Andrews claims that in his younger days, when he was ‘extremely skilled at combat,’ he would respond to fascists and racists by rearranging their faces and snapping their bones in order to change their minds. As conservative and libertarian students, we believe that Professor Andrews deserves the intellectual space and academic freedom to say and write what he pleases. But we believe instructing students to ‘impose a steep and lasting price’ on students for organizing a guest lecture event isn’t protected by the same academic freedom that we fight for.”

“Although I don’t believe this professor was instructing students to use violence as a tactic against me or my conservative and libertarian peers, his email could have easily been interpreted in such a way,” Ciccotta claimed. “After I politely asked Professor Andrews, who I have never met, in an email to explain what he meant by ‘impose a steep and lasting price,’ he claimed my doing so had confirmed for him his suspicion that there was a collaboration between ‘students who hate dark folks’ and the Bucknell faculty. But what was Professor Andrews so alarmed about? Was our event truly racist? Or fascist?”

Ciccotta went on to state that “That night the speaker argued that ‘there is stuff left to do on race in America…(African-Americans) are still owed something.’ Then, speaking much like an intersectional feminist, the speaker addressed the struggles faced particularly by African-American females, who he suggested are on the receiving end of cross-sectional institutional/systematic discrimination.”

“Just a few weeks ago, this speaker condemned white nationalists, arguing that ‘you should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart… You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality… You shouldn’t give a shit about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do,'” stated Ciccotta, before adding “What was perhaps more alarming than Professor Andrews’ conduct in his emails to me was the administration’s response.”

“In a meeting held with the administration, an administrator refused to call Professor Andrews’ conduct inappropriate, choosing instead to say that the administration would have preferred that he had used different language,” he continued. “The administration accepted Professor Andrews’ cheap explanation that by ‘impose a steep and lasting price’ he merely meant that marginalized students were to engage me in calm and peaceful discussion. The administration’s response confirmed for me that conservative and libertarian students won’t be protected from mistreatment as long as that mistreatment is delivered in the name of social justice.”

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