‘NieR: Automata’ – ‘Death is Your Beginning’ Launch Trailer

Fight to take back the Earth as android 2B in a desperate bid to reclaim a home for humanity in Nier: Automata.

Nier: Automata is a spiritual sequel to cult-classic JRPG Neir directed by Yoko Taro and developer PlatinumGames, the studio that made Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. In the far future, mechanical alien invaders have overrun Earth, forcing mankind to flee to the moon. Now, the last remnants of humanity have launched a counter-attack, using androids to fight their battles for them and attempt to retake the world from machines.

Players take on the role of 2B, a deadly combat android accompanied by fellow android 9S in her war against the machines. Nier: Automata blends intense action-RPG melee and ranged combat with elements of top-down bullet hell shooters and side-scrolling beat ’em ups for a unique and evolving gameplay experience in an open-world adventure.

Nier: Automata is available now on Playstation 4 and releases March 17 on Steam for PC.