‘Hater’ Dating App Helps You Find a Partner Based on Mutual Dislikes

The new dating app Hater is based on mutual dislike of things like cargo shorts

Hater, a recently launched dating app rival to Tinder, wants to help you find a partner based on mutual dislikes.

“Hater is the dating app that matches people based on what they hate,” explains the app on their official site. “Hater is making serious online dating more approachable by replacing cumbersome surveys and bios with a fun, alternative way to express your personality.”

Whereas dating platforms such as Tinder and OK Cupid allow users to see the “likes” and interests of others, Hater encourages users to share their dislikes.

“Hater works like this: you swipe on more than 3,000 topics, loving or hating as many as you want,” proclaimed CBS News’ Susan Spencer on Sunday. “[Hater founder Brendan] Alper says mutual dislikes are a better sign of compatibility than mutual likes, and two studies seem to back him up.”

President Trump, slow walkers, paying extra for guacamole, unloading the dishwasher, warm beer, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, investment bankers, gym selfies, Katy Perry, burkinis, going to church, airplane food, Instagram models, and even Harry Potter personality quizzes are all options to dislike in the app, as well as some more positive things, such as corn on the cob, flowers, and rainy days.

In an interview with CBS News, Alper revealed the topics that people dislike the most, with the most popular so far being the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“Bad wifi is up there,” Alper declared. “Paying extra to get guacamole on your burrito. Man buns are pretty unpopular… When people celebrate their birthdays for an entire week.”

“We have this one couple, they both hated the Super Bowl, but they loved queso dip,” joked Alper on the topic of success stories from the app. “So during the Super Bowl they got together and they made queso dip and they didn’t watch the Super Bowl.”

“You soon discover there’s a lot to hate, like, comic book movies? Only eight percent of people agree,” proclaimed Spencer in her article, before joking “I’d never get a date!”

Hater is currently available for iPhone on the Apple App Store, and is set to launch on Android this spring.

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