‘Titanfall 2’ – Monarch’s Reign Gameplay Trailer

Respawn Entertainment is bringing a new Titan to its giant mech first-person shooter Titanfall 2 with the latest free content update, Monarch’s Reign.

“Monarch is a mid-range Vanguard-class Titan that can upgrade itself on the battlefield through her unique Upgrade Core,” Respawn revealed in its latest community update. “Pilots select a path of upgrades and try to survive long enough to reach her final form.”

Along with the all-new Titan, a remastered version of the original Titanfall map Relic will be free for players with the latest update. “Set among the old wreck of the IMC carrier IMS Odyssey, Relic is a worksite where Pilots have created clever wall running routes by hanging pieces of the wreckage between buildings. The map consists of the wreck of the Odyssey in the center of the map that splits the two town areas.”

A prime version of the Tone and Ronin Titans will also be made available to purchase with the release of Monarch’s Reign, featuring unique chassis and execution animations. A new Pilot execution will also be introduced revolving around the stealth cloaking loadout for free, while new camos, Titan noseart, and player callsigns will be available for purchase.


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