Report: British Woman Has Baby with Stepdad so Mother Can Be Parent Again

Curbs on the surrogacy industry in neighbouring Thailand and India sparked a boom in the unregulated baby business in impoverished Cambodia

A British woman has given birth to her own “brother” after having a baby with her stepfather so her 47-year-old mother could be a parent again.

The woman’s mother, Jacky Edwards, who has five children already, was left unable to give birth herself following a “traumatic” pregnancy 12 years prior, prompting her daughter to offer herself as a surrogate.

“My eyes just welled up with tears,” said Jacky Edwards, recalling when her daughter Katherine agreed to be the biological mother. “The fact that she was willing to do this for me and [my partner] Paul, it stopped my heart completely.”

“It’s a bit Jeremy Kyle, but Paul was jumping for joy. He was like, ‘oh my God, it is going to happen'” she continued. “And there would be a genetic link with the baby.”

According to the Daily Mail, “They decided not to have IVF treatment because it is expensive and has a lower success rate than simply transferring her mother’s husband’s sperm to her body.”

“They discussed how the sperm would be transferred, how they would feel if Katherine miscarried, or if the baby was born disabled, and whether Katherine would be happy to have Paul in the room during her labour,” the Mail explained. “It was decided that Katherine, an admin worker, would be paid £1,000 a month in expenses for loss of earnings, maternity clothes and travel to doctor’s appointments.”

“Katherine and her husband Sam also agreed not to have sex to ensure there was no doubt Paul would be the father,” they continued. “The ‘transfers’ of sperm would take place twice a day for a week in a hotel room in Portsmouth.”

This was allegedly performed using plastic syringes and measurement pots.

“I’d then use the syringe to sort out the transfer, watching Disney films to blank out the reality of injecting my mum’s husband’s modern-day surrogacy sperm into me,” claimed Katherine on the process. “Then I’d stay there for a few hours, chatting with mum about what the baby would be like. We did that 14 times in the space of a week and it was a precious time – although I was praying I was pregnant so that I didn’t have to do it again.”

“As a nurse I’m very used to being matter of fact, but it was gross,” she declared.

Katherine, who is already a mother of two, also reportedly promised her mother that she wouldn’t be too emotionally involved with the child.

Katherine’s husband was allegedly “able to cope with the situation by staying out of the process as much as possible.”

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