McNally: A Guide to the Tech-Left’s Deliberate Abuse of Language to Take Over Our Internet

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Leftist elites and their Silicon Valley monopoly overlords understood something important about the Internet from its very inception. Control the medium, and you control the message.

Sensing the power of the internet to consolidate their political muscle, some of the world’s most influential globalists and radical leftists immediately set to work during the internet’s infancy to “shape” the medium in a way that ensured the political outcomes they favored.

In 2008, radical Marxist and media scholar Robert McChesney offered a crucial insight that best encapsulates their end game: “The political economy not only shaped the nature of the media system, the nature of the media system shaped the broader political economy.”

In other words, McChesney believed that the radical left could only gain political control once they had successfully “shaped” the structure of our media and communications systems in ways that benefitted them:

Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution. While the media is not the single most important issue in the world, it is one of the core issues that any successful Left project needs to integrate into its strategic program.

To understand why the tech-left has always been hyper-focused on policies related to media reform and the internet, this is the answer.  Control the medium, and you control the message. Control the world’s dominant messaging platform (the Internet) and you gain political control.

McChesney created one of the most duplicitous, but nonetheless influential, Internet policy groups in America today – “Free Press.” The delicious irony of the group’s name wasn’t an accident and gets to the core of Marxsplaining – the deliberate use of fake rhetoric, phony outrage and sophistry to hide their rank hypocrisy: intentionally obscuring, disguising,  and distorting the very meaning of words to gain the political upper hand.

Since 2002, McChesney and dozens of Soros-funded agents of chaos have pushed their radical agenda to take over our internet. They have elevated their propaganda and lies to moral directives about how the internet should operate and how you should behave online.

They have hijacked the very language of freedom, democracy, and openness to achieve the exact opposite goal – total control of the information we share over the Internet and the very architecture of the internet itself.

Below are several examples of how the tech-left Marxsplains tech and media policy in ways that disguise the nature of the truth:

  • Hate speech – Any speech that challenges leftist elites’ worldview. The tech-left argues strenuously and incorrectly that the First Amendment doesn’t cover nasty ideas and is working successfully to ban online speech that threatens their leftist narrative.
  • Net Neutrality – Arcane rules pushed by the tech-left and their Silicon Valley allies to empower the federal government to treat the internet’s infrastructure as a government-owned, government-regulated public utility.
  • Free Press – A fraudulent media policy organization founded by radical neo-Marxist Robert McChesney whose goal is to take the reins of media away from the “owning class” as part of the broader struggle towards “rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles.”
  • “Saving the News” – The tech-left’s plan to replace private media with media either funded by liberal foundations or by the federal government through new taxes and subsidies.
  • Internet Openness and transparency – The idea that Silicon Valley monopolies should have access to all of your personal information while they remain completely free from any oversight or scrutiny.
  • Media reform – Purging the media of private ownership “as part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself.” Naturally, the media “reformistas” were completely silent about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post.

Yesterdays’ leftist reactionaries have become today’s status quo. Marxism’s awful intellectual children have rebranded themselves as trendy technologists, swimming in Silicon Valley, Soros, and taxpayer money as they spit at the very society and freedoms that gave rise to their opulence.

Most were never qualified to do anything except political activism in any case. They hide in institutes of higher education or non-profits where their bad ideas never actually have to prove themselves valid.

The great irony is that today they are being used and co-opted by their new corporate overlords… located in Silicon Valley. On July 12th, they will be used once again to support the so-called Internet-wide “Day of Action,” a phony, corporate-supported Castro-turf operation heavy on calorie-free clicktivism. Their goal is the same as it ever was: Grinding away at free market capitalism and more government control of our internet. As we learned during the Obama years, big Internet and big government go hand-in-hand.

It’s the rest of us who end up getting screwed.  Fight back now, join

Christie-Lee McNally is the Director of Free Our Internet. Free Our Internet ( is a non-profit citizen group whose mission is to educate the public about how leftist super-elites and their powerful corporate allies in Silicon Valley have methodically used their wealth and political influence to erode the public’s internet freedoms and destroy alternative media. Our goal is to empower the public to fight back against the tech-left’s well-funded war to control our means of communication, information, organizing, and mobilizing: the internet. Free Our Internet and its supporters stand for free speech and expression online, protecting the diversity of ideas, and opposing government actions that undermine Internet openness and transparency.


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