Lauren Duca: ‘Wake Me Up When Men are Obsolete’

Wayne Taylor/Getty Images
Wayne Taylor/Getty Images

 Teen Vogue writer and Hillary Clinton pen pal Lauren Duca took to Twitter on Thursday to joke about the extinction of the male gender.

“Wake me up when men are obsolete,” Duca wrote. Duca, who writes for Teen Vogue, received a personal letter from Hillary Clinton in June in which the former First Lady told Duca that the internet is “not a friendly place for women.”

Duca’s tweet sparked a backlash, even amongst her fans and those who consider themselves “feminist allies.” One user, who claimed he loved Duca’s work, wrote that he couldn’t support the tweet because he had a young son. “That’s not a message I can get behind,” he wrote.

Journalist Noah Gittell, whose work has appeared in the Atlantic, Slate, and the Guardian, claimed that although he considers himself an “ally,” he claimed it “hurts to have this kind of broad judgment made about my gender.” Ultimately, Gittell justified Duca’s tweet by arguing that joking about men can only result in hurt feelings.

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Other users criticized Duca for the tweet.

Duca argued that the tweet was simply a joke and mocked those who expressed concern.

Duca has previously been in the news for her poor understanding of Hollywood economics, and a contentious Tucker Carlson interview after her flippant tweets about Ivanka Trump.

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