Bryn Mawr College Pays Students Hourly Wage to ‘Celebrate Diversity’

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Students at the all-female Bryn Mawr College have the opportunity to earn an hourly wage to help “celebrate diversity” on campus.

Bryn Mawr College is offering its students an opportunity to earn an hourly wage by participating in social justice-themed activism events. Administrators at the College recently announced the launch of the Community Diversity Assistants program, which will give students the opportunity to earn ten dollars per hour by “celebrating diversity” on campus.

The program recently hired 13 students who will be tasked with acting as campus diversity representatives. In this role, the students will be required to serve as “mediators for conflicts and disputes around issues of diversity” and hold office hours for students who have questions about diversity related issues.

“We talk about racism, gender, sexuality, elitism, ethnicity among other things,” Namrata Basu, a leader of the program, told Campus Reform. She added that she hopes to have “conversations with people who don’t agree with us.”

“We’re here to have conversations that may or may not be dinner table conversations for many students,” Basu added. “Students come from very different backgrounds and we’re here to facilitate conversations about that.”

Bryn Mawr College isn’t the first to offer students a wage to participate in social justice activism. The University of Arizona announced last year that they would pay students ten dollars per hour to be a university-sponsored “Social Justice Activist.” Many took issue with the program’s implementation at a state university due to the absence of a similar program offering for conservative and libertarian students interested in political activism.


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