Ford ‘Robutt’ Is a Robot that Tests Comfort, Durability of Vehicle Seats for Humans

Car giant Ford said net income for the quarter ending September 30 was $1.6 billion, up 63.4 percent from the year-ago period

A Ford seat-testing robot is made to mimic movements of the “human butt,” according to a report.

“First, the automaker uses pressure sensors to measure how real people get into and out of cars. Then it gathers the results to create a model for a Kuka robot arm to repeat the process 25,000 times using a model ass that’s based on a large person,” reported the MIT Technology Review. “Ford says that represents 10 years of use, but the robot does it in just three weeks. Seats that pass the test are fit for use in cars.”

The robot, nicknamed the Robutt, was reportedly “used relentlessly in Europe,” with Quartz claiming that the robot “sat on the Ford Fiesta’s seat design those 25,000 times,” in its goal to make their seats as comfortable as possible.

“This, along with various other tests, allows us to analyze every strain a new Fiesta seat could endure in the real world,” explained a Ford durability engineer.

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