Report: Uber Ride-Sharing Banned in Israel

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Uber’s ride-sharing has been banned in Israel after a Tel Aviv judge claimed the company lacks the “appropriate insurance” to operate in the country.

According to Haaretz, “Uber will have to stop providing its car-sharing service in Israel as of 10 AM Wednesday, after the courts ruled in favor of competing companies.”

“A Tel Aviv judge issued an injunction to that effect on Monday,” they reported, adding, “Judge Eitan Orenstein explained that because the drivers in question lacked appropriate insurance for passengers, he could not allow Uber to continue to operate run Uber Day and Uber Night ride-sharing services using private household cars in Israel.”

Despite this, Uber’s taxi service, separate from the ride-sharing program, will be allowed to continue.

Uber launched it’s service in 2016 before the company “expanded its carpooling operations over a month ago despite objections from the government.”

Tens of thousands of people have reportedly used the service in Israel since its launch, however an anonymous “source at the Transportation Ministry” declared that anyone “boarding an Uber car is a criminal – both driver and passenger.”

“The ministry is conducting a legal petition against the company, and there is the possibilty of filing of an interim injunction against its activities and the opening of a full criminal proceeding,” the source continued. “A criminal proceeding will be conducted against anyone who provides the service or is a passenger and against the company itself. The legal counsel of the transportation ministry is working with all the relevant parties to find the most appropriate path forward.”

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