University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Arrested over NRA Protest

anti-NRA sign at March for our Lives (Mario Tama / Getty)
Mario Tama / Getty

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Patricia got herself in a bit trouble earlier this year for her conduct during an NRA protest.

Professor Patricia Hill was arrested during an NRA protest effort on January 11 for misdemeanor destruction of property after she allegedly vandalized the home of NRA attorney Chris Cox. According to reports, Hill splattered fake blood over Cox’s residence in October 2017 and a second time in January 2018.

Hill’s attorney Jon Bourdon claims that she wasn’t involved in the splattering of fake blood over Cox’s home. He suggested that Hill has been unfairly convicted in the court of public opinion and asks that all critics watch the outcome of her upcoming trial.

“Like every American, Dr. Hill is entitled to a fair trial, which includes her right to be fairly and accurately confronted with the evidence against her,” Bourdon said. “It is inappropriate and runs counter to our system of justice to recast evidence outside the courtroom before the trial begins.”

University of Nebraska-Lincoln spokesperson Leslie Reed said that the university will not comment on the matter until it is properly handled by law enforcement.

“The university has nothing to do with these events. Amanda Gailey was acting on her own time and expressing her personal views,” Reed said in a comment to a local newspaper. “Patricia Hill’s actions are a local law enforcement matter in Virginia. It is premature for us to comment.”