China: Our Culture IS Your Goddam Prom Dress


China has come to the rescue of the Utah girl who was monstered on Twitter by the progressive mob for the crime of “culturally appropriating” a traditional Chinese dress – a cheongsam – on her prom night.

According to the South China Morning Post:

“Very elegant and beautiful! Really don’t understand the people who are against her, they are wrong!” one person commented on an article by Wenxue City News. “I suggest the Chinese government, state television or fashion company invite her to China to display her cheongsam!”

It is not cultural theft,” another wrote. “It is cultural appreciation and cultural respect.”

Weibo users added that Daum looked beautiful and criticised those who have accused her.

“Culture has no borders,” one wrote. “There is no problem, as long as there is no malice or deliberate maligning. Chinese cultural treasures are worth spreading all over the world.”

This is a form of vindication for the teenager at the center of the storm, Keziah Daum- who has stood by her fashion choice despite vicious harassment from the social media Offense Brigade.

Poor Keziah: all she did was post a photograph of herself that would cause any father – or prom date – to beam with pride…

But then someone decided to be “offended” and the gates of Woke Hell were opened.

In a series of subsequent tweets, Lam has congratulated himself on deciding to take a moral stand against this appalling assault on his culture by an ignorant gwailo.

Indeed. Though he may be from an “immigrant background” – as he puts it in another of his tweets – he is clearly now very well assimilated in the Western culture of weaponized grievance-taking.

So the Social Justice Warriors are now so dominant in the US and beyond that Western culture is now officially more left-wing than communist China.

Some consider this an achievement not worth celebrating.

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