Lauren Southern: I Fear the ‘Beginning Stages’ of Genocide in South Africa

Popular right-wing personality Lauren Southern
Facebook/Lauren Southern

Conservative journalist and author Lauren Southern appeared on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Sunday to discuss the illegal immigrant caravan, the Defend Europe Alps mission, and white persecution in South Africa.

“The first thing I want to address is the shocking media coverage on [the Central American migrant caravan at the U.S.’s southern border] and [the media’s] attempts to correlate or almost combine the words ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’,” Southern told host Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

“Almost every website I’ve read about this crisis has combined the words ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ as if they are the same thing, and that is spitting in the face of every genuine refugee in the world because these are not the same things,” Southern declared. “You have people that are trying to come over for economic opportunities, you have people trying to come in to go on welfare systems, or even to commit crime in America versus people who are genuinely escaping political persecution.”

“And in this case, you have people coming over from, yes, relatively poor countries; Guatemala and Honduras, however, being in a poor country does not make you a refugee. If that were the case, America would have to assimilate and bring in far more people than are already even in the country,” she continued. “This would be a large amount of the world, a large amount of Africa, a lot of China, a lot of South America, and that’s just not sustainable. A nation can only sustain so many people when it has socialist systems in place, and America, unfortunately, has already become so generous with strangers that it’s now becoming unsustainable for itself.”

On the topic of Defend Europe’s Alps mission, which featured Identitarian activists defending the French Alps border from illegal immigrants, Southern proclaimed, “Initially, looking at this mission, I thought it was going to be something that would just be symbolic.”

“Like they had helicopters in the sky with ‘Defend Europe’ written on it, they built a little wall, they had flairs, and signs, and even an airplane with ‘Defend Europe’, and it looked like it was going to be symbolic, but over the past week and night they’ve been patrolling the mountains. They’ve actually sent back around eight illegal migrants, bringing them to the police,” she explained. “There’s been no violence, nothing, these activists have just been working in collaboration with local officers, and really looking at this, the amount of money they’ve saved in potential criminal costs or welfare costs from each migrant that comes into the country, they’ve probably paid off the cost of the mission of having these hundred activists down there, so it’s been rather shocking to watch that a bunch of twenty-year-olds are doing a better job it seems than the actual French government in protecting the Alpine borders.”

During her radio appearance, Southern also discussed her documentary about white persecution in South Africa, claiming the situation in the country was worse than she imagined.

“The government is not just ignoring the crisis, they’re recording these murders as robberies gone wrong, and we’re talking about murders where people are being hung upside down, tortured, and their families and children are being killed, and the government is recording this as a robbery gone wrong,” Southern declared. “Beyond just ignoring this, you have leaders within the governments, certainly the Economic Freedom Fighters, the EFF, who are on stages at their political meetings, they have ten percent of control of the government, singing, ‘Shoot and kill the Boer.’ The Boer being the white Dutch population.”

“If this were happening in any other nation on Earth, or in fact towards any other racial group… imagine if someone in the Republican Party was singing, ‘Shoot, kill the Asian,’ or ‘Shoot, kill the black,’ that would be ‘all over world news,'” expressed Southern. “It would be the biggest issue in the mainstream media, but because it is the Boer people, and because it is South Africa, the rainbow nation that is held up so highly as a socialist utopia by the left, we ignore this crisis.”

After noting that even the majority political party in South Africa is now enacting anti-white laws, such as land confiscation, she concluded, “If it continues, I fear there is going to be the beginning stages of what many would call genocide.”

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