Lauren Southern

Wikipedia Owners Investigating Lauren Southern’s Defamation Complaint as Editors Continue Smears

Last week the Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, responded to a defamation complaint submitted by conservative documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern. Her complaint noted numerous misrepresentations, omissions, and falsehoods, on the site’s page about her. In its response, the Foundation legal team stated that it was investigating her complaints and would conclude that investigation in early January.

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern Sends Defamation Complaint to Wikipedia over Long-Running Smear Campaign

Documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern has submitted a defamation complaint to Wikipedia in response to a long-running smear campaign against her on the online encyclopedia by the site’s left-wing editors. Southern’s past activities have been misrepresented or taken out of context, such as details regarding her ban from entering the U.K. over prior political speech and her speaking events in Australia and New Zealand, which were subject to repeated cancellations following activist pressure campaigns. As Southern explains, “I don’t even recognize the individual they call ‘Lauren Southern’ on Wikipedia.” 

Lauren Southern

I May Have To Sing The Canadian National Anthem For Free Speech

I recently reported on Freedom of Tweets, a campaign to support the legal fund of Toronto artist Gregory Alan Elliott, currently on trial for criminal harassment for disagreeing with feminists on Twitter. No, I’m not making that up. Tomorrow, at 9am


The Authoritarian Left Is Getting Comically Desperate

For those who follow the unfolding battle between cultural libertarianism and nannying authoritarians, it has been an interesting few weeks. Late last month, a report from U.N. Women called on national governments to enforce censorship of the internet. It cited the


Rise of the Cultural Libertarians

A new force is emerging in the culture wars. Authoritarians of all stripes, from religious reactionaries to left-wing “social justice warriors,” are coming under fire from a new wave of thinkers, commentators, and new media stars who reject virtually all of their