Gizmodo Media Attacks ‘Struggling’ Parent Company Univision: ‘F*cking Mess’

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Gizmodo Media, formerly known as Gawker Media, attacked its parent company Univision in an article on Tuesday, describing the company as a “fucking mess.”

In the article, titled “Univision Is A Fucking Mess,” Gizmodo Media’s digital investigative unit Special Projects Desk dedicated over 7,000 words to Gizmodo Media Group parent company Univision.

“This is the story of how corporate raiding, complacency, excess, and incompetence are gutting a media company that matters to tens of millions of people,” the article declared. “It’s not a novel story, and perhaps not even scandalous by the standards of corporate opulence: A shark-obsessed boss, millions wasted on consultants, and an executive who insisted on publishing softcore porn are more embarrassing buffoonery than insidious greed. The main problem — the billions in debt the company ran up in the process of its owners buying it and weighing it down — is practically routine in media and beyond; that doesn’t make it any less infuriating.”

“This company is Univision, which until recently obligingly filled the role of absentee stepfather to Gizmodo Media Group, our employer,” they continued. “Now, Univision’s business is struggling, and GMG has suddenly found itself under a very watchful eye.”

The article was posted on Twitter by the official account for Kotaku, a Gizmodo Media outlet, which claimed Univision was “struggling.”

Several Gizmodo Media employees also posted the article on Twitter.

“Hi, our parent company is fucked and we probably are too,” proclaimed the deputy editor of Deadspin, while a Gizmodo Media editorial director posted, “Just another quiet day at the office. what’s new with you guys?”

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