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Gawker Sites Get Sold Off for a Second Time

Private equity firm Great Hill Partners has purchased Gizmodo Media Group and the Onion from Univision after the company bought the former Gawker Media in bankruptcy.

sold real estate

Wikipedia Editors Label ICE Detention Centers ‘Concentration Camps’

In the midst of the controversy over the detention of illegal immigrants and characterizations of it as a “family separation” policy, Wikipedia editors added a section about detention facilities for illegal immigrants to a page listing “concentration and internment camps.” Although the section violated several of the site’s policies, favorable coverage from Gizmodo and Vice followed three days later.

Turkish officials say Wikipedia failed to remove content deemed to be false from its pages that linked Turkey with terror groups

LA Times Newsroom Votes 85% to Unionize

Eighty-five percent of the LA Times newsroom employees voted for the first time in 136 years to unionize under the Commercial Workers of America.

Los Angeles Times (Richard Vogel / Associated Press)

Oculus Rift Creator Palmer Luckey Leaves Facebook

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey has left Facebook and Oculus six months after his support for an anti-Hillary Clinton organization during the 2016 presidential election was revealed.

Palmer Luckey Oculus VR (Kevork Djansezian / Getty)

Gizmodo Really Hates MILO’s Writing

In an article criticizing ten articles from Breitbart News, Gizmodo listed six of MILO’s opinion pieces, demonstrating just how much they hate his writing.