University of Oregon Says Local Anti-Illegal Immigration Group’s Logo Is Trademark Violation

Autzen Staduim
The Associated Press

The University of Oregon has claimed that a local anti-illegal immigration group has violated the trademark by copying the institution’s logo.

The University of Oregon is throwing its weight and influence against a local conservative activist group. The reason? The university claims that the small anti-immigration reform group, which also utilizes an “O” for Oregon in its logo, has violated their logo trademark.

A direct comparison between the two logos reveals that they aren’t identical or even close to it. The University of Oregon “O” utilizes a much thicker typeface. The Oregonians for Immigration Reform’s “O” features a thinner typeface and the inside of the letter contains the silhouette of a tree.

The Director of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Cynthia Kendoll, appeared on Breitbart News Sunday, saying: “They do have a trademark on an ‘O’ that is kind of short and squatty and boxy…but ours is oval and much rounder and there’s a tree sitting right in the middle of it.”

The University of Oregon had a Portland law firm send a letter to the Oregonians for Immigration Reform, claiming that they are considering asking the court for an injunction, which would effectively force the small group to find a new logo.

“We hope that this matter does not require the University of Oregon to bring legal action to force you to stop using its mark, but if it must, the University of Oregon may be able to obtain an injunction against your use” the letter from the Portland law firm read.

The University of Oregon explained in the letter that they were motivated to act due to their desire not to be associated with the group. “The University of Oregon neither supports your message, desires to be associated with your message, nor wishes to assist in your fundraising efforts,” the letter said. OFIR’s use of the O “confuses consumers as to OFIR’s association with Oregon,” the letter added

A University of Oregon spokesperson said that the institution has sent out approximately 20 similar letters over the past several years as a part of what they claim is an ongoing effort to protect their branding.

In April, the Southern Poverty Law Center published an article of the Oregonians for Immigration Reform, calling them an “anti-immigrant hate group.”