EXCLUSIVE — Samantha Markle: ‘I Would Rather Slit My Wrists’ than Write Tabloid Tell-All Book on Meghan

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Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, claimed she would rather slit her own wrists than write a tabloid tell-all book about her half-sister, during an interview with Breitbart News.

Markle revealed her upcoming book would be about “the interracial evolution in our country and within our family, with how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.”

“With Dr. MLK, seeing the glass as more half empty than half full, and how the world got involved with our family story with regards to those issues,” declared Markle. “There was an incredible amount of mudslinging and I watched people throw mud based on race. The Markles vs. the Raglands, as if the white side of the family were part of the problem. It really was a very worldwide racial issue, and I think that’s what also fuelled the emotionality of the whole thing. When I was trying to tell people what my book was about, they wanted nothing to do with it, because I was the perceived obstacle to the power for Meg and the fairy tale.”

“When I was saying, ‘I love my sister and I love this and this and this about her, but I disagree with this,’ when they wrapped their brain around it, all they saw or all they wanted to believe was ‘slamming’, because it fit their obstacle to the fairy tale,” she continued. “I’m qualified to talk about the sociological phenomena that I was a part of, and that I’m proud to be a part of, and watched my sister set a precedent. There’s so many good things about the book and I want to put out something that is beneficial for generations behind us when we all die, that is intelligent and unifying rather than dividing.”

“I can’t say my book will single-handedly do that, but as a pebble in a pond, I wanted a positive contribution to that, and that’s really what my book is about, it’s never been a slamming tell-all,” explained Markle. “It’s about the ups and the downs of our interracial family, as our society grew up through all its interracial evolution. What we went through personally and individually, the details of our lives and our homes… There’s a lot more in the book than people can imagine, it’s not a hard-bound tabloid.”

Markle added that she would rather “slit” her “wrists” than write a tabloid-style tell-all book.

“Everyone said, ‘Oh you should do a book that’s just a slamming tell all that is dirt because dirt sells,’ and I said I’d rather slit my wrists,” Markle expressed. “My goal has never been to hurt my sister, it’s been to uplift her, and in my interviews, I was clear about what I loved about her, but the tabloids never printed those things… They purposefully omitted the good, because the good is not what sells.”

“I’ve always loved her. Even though I’ve disagreed with some of the recent events which didn’t make sense, or her not reaching out to me or her dad, I could never look her in the eye and feel anything but love and want the best for her,” she concluded. “Just because you question or criticise siblings, doesn’t mean you love them any less. I want her absolute happiness.”

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