Report: Harvard Asian Discrimination Trial Verdict Will Take ‘Months’

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According to a report from Harvard’s student newspaper, we will not have a verdict in the recent asian admissions discrimination trial for a few months.

According to a report from the Crimson, Judge Allison D. Burroughs will determine the verdict in the Harvard Asian Discrimination case over the next few months.

The case may wind up deciding the fate of affirmative action in the United States. The trial wrapped up in three weeks, leaving matters in the hands of Judge Allison D. Burroughs, who is expected to issue a final verdict — on her own, without a jury — some time in the next few months. No matter how Burroughs rules, though, the disappointed party will likely appeal. A cascading series of appeals could bring the matter before the Supreme Court, whose recent shift to the right — cemented by the appointment of controversial and conservative Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh — means the nation’s highest court will probably side with SFFA.

The trial, which was conducted without a jury, is expected to be appealed regardless of Burrough’s decision. Legal analysts predict that the case will end up in the Supreme Court.

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