Dartmouth Prof. Argues in Favor of ‘Doxxing’ Covington Catholic Students

Covington Catholic High School students
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Dartmouth Professor Jeff Sharlet argued in favor of “doxxing” the Covington Catholic High School students in a tweet this week.

In a Tuesday-night tweet, Dartmouth English Professor Jeff Sharlet argued that the personal information of students from Covington Catholic High School should be released online. The students came under fire last week after a storm of misleading news reports led the masses to believe that they had behaved inappropriately at a rally in Washington D.C.

“I’ll have no problem with someone doxxing these boys,” Sharlet wrote, according to a report from The College Fix. Sharlet has since locked down his Twitter account, making it inaccessible to anyone who wasn’t already following him.

“Doxing” refers to the public release of an individual’s private information. Often, the private information is released in the hopes that someone will harm the individual that is being targeted.

Sharlet was immediately criticized by liberal Yale Professor Nicholas Christakis, who famously faced off against a far-left student mob after his wife criticized a Yale policy on offensive Halloween costumes.

“I haven’t followed this case closely. But mob justice is not justice. At least that my opinion,” Christakis wrote.  “Would you say the same thing about the doxxing of (often minority) students on campuses by the right? Plus, the point of justice is that it not be impassioned.

After the criticism started to pile up, Sharlet doubled down, arguing that the Covington students are worse than the “violent anti-semitic bullies” that he knew as a child.

“I grew up a nearly singular Jew amidst some violent anti-Semitic bullies. The Covington creeps are worse. I never saw anything that grotesque in my working class white, fairly racist high school,” Sharlet tweeted.

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