Williams College to Host ‘Processing Whiteness’ Workshop

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The prestigious Williams College in Massachusetts is scheduled to host a “Processing Whiteness” workshop for its faculty and students.

According to a report from The College Fix, Williams College in Massachusetts is gearing up to host on a workshop that will help faculty and staff “process” their “whiteness.”

The event description from the Williams College website description says the workshop will focus on helping white community members come to term with their white identity in the political and sociocultural context of contemporary America.

The Processing Whiteness group at Williams College provides opportunities to analyze and understand white identity, white privilege and racism in a supportive environment that focuses on the experiences of the participants. The group will help participants learn to speak about the historical and contemporary implications of white identity, examine race and racism, identify implicit bias and feelings of shame and explore and practice allyship and interrupting racism.

The event description provides a list of goals for the workshops. Of the workshop’s four goals, one is to educate attendees on intersectionality theory. White attendees will be taught about politically correct language practices that have been deemed acceptable for them when discussing issues of race.

  • Develop a better understanding of the intersections of race and social, political and economic systems

  • Develop community with others committed to creating positive change in all aspects of our lives: at home, at work, and in our communities

  • “Build knowledge, skills, capacities, and communities that support anti-racism practices” (Tochluk)

  • Consider the language used to discuss identity and practice how to engage in dialogue around identity

Intersectionality theory has exploded in popularity on campuses over the past decade. It refers to the notion that some individuals, such as black females, experience a unique compounded form of discrimination. For instance, according to the theory, a black female might be discriminated against on the basis of both her gender and her race. At the workshop, faculty and staff will go beyond this standard application of the theory to explore how class status impacts oppression in America.

This event certainly isn’t the first of its kind. In January, Breitbart News reported on a similar event at Cooper Union, a small prestigious institution of higher education in New York City. The lecture at Cooper Union focused on the “whiteness” of buildings.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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