UNC Chapel Hill Hosts Workshop on Basic Adult Skills

man holding a clip-on tie
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A series of workshops at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will help students learn adults skills like building credit and creating a LinkedIn page.

According to a report from The College Fix, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has announced a series of workshops that aim to help students learn basic adult skills. The series, which is called “Adulting 101,” will feature “practical skills” that will help students succeed in life after college.

The workshops will cover topics like self-care, creating a professional social media presence on LinkedIn and building credit. “You know that establishing credit is important, but how can you start building and maintaining an excellent credit score?” the description for the credit workshop reads. “This hands-on workshop will break down the different elements of a credit report and how they contribute to your overall credit score.”

UNC Chapel Hill isn’t the only university to offer these types of workshops. Pacific Lutheran University also hosts an “Adulting 101” series that focuses on similar topics. Their series includes a workshop on “transitioning into a new job” and time management.

A representative from Pacific Lutheran told The College Fix that she wishes she had the time to teach students about other important financial matters, such as income taxes. “I think income tax information is extremely important and relevant to students. Unfortunately for that presentation, I had a limited amount of time and was asked to prepare a presentation about the specific topics covered,” the representative said.

The University of Denver also offered a similar series of workshops to their students. Their workshops took a slightly different approach, focusing instead on interpersonal matters such as succeeding in relationships and managing emotions. Their program also claims to help students find their purpose in life.

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