Boston U Says It Is ‘Dangerous’ for White People to Treat Everyone Equally

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A guest lecturer at Boston University last week told students that it is “dangerous” for white students to not see race.

According to a report from The College Fix, University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo that it is “dangerous” for white people to say that they see people as individuals.

DiAngelo spent a significant portion of her lecture addressing the “issue” of non-minorities who say that they are “colorblind.” DiAngelo says that others might say instead that they were “taught to treat everyone the same.” All of these individuals, DiAngelo argues, hold “dangerous” attitudes that have been shaped by society’s “implicit biases.”

“If you are being honest, you’ve probably said it,” DiAngelo said in the speech. “Your parents could lecture you to do it [but] you don’t do it, you can’t do it, there is no human objectivity.”

“My friend Erin Trent Johnson … she says, ‘When I hear a white person say this, what I am thinking is: ‘This is a dangerous white person. This is a white person who is going to need to deny my reality,” DiAngelo added.

“And I need to give a heads up to the white people in the room,” DiAngelo continued. “When people of color hear us say this, they’re generally not thinking, ‘Alright, I’m talking to a woke white person right now.’ Usually, some version of eye-rolling is going on, and a wall is going up.”

DiAngelo is making the case that is wrong to treat everyone with the same level of dignity and respect. It seems Professor DiAngelo is making an unnecessary stretch in her logical reasoning so that she can bash the conservative value of extending tolerance and kindness to everyone, regardless of their identity.

You can listen to this portion of DiAngelo’s speech below.

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