Stanford Expels Student Allegedly Admitted as Part of College Admissions Scam

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Stanford University announced this week that it has decided to expel a student that is allegedly connected to William “Rick” Singer’s admissions scandal.

According to a report from the Stanford University student newspaper, the university has expelled a student who had allegedly falsified an athletic profile with the help of William “Rick” Singer. The student’s acceptance to Stanford followed a $500,000 donation to the university’s sailing program by the student’s parents.

Stanford University claimed in March that student-athletes are held to the same academic standard as any other candidate for admission. Even students that are recommended by coaches, according to a statement from the university, are held to the same high academic standard for admission.

For students who have special talents – artistic, athletic, musical or otherwise – those talents are factored into the process. In the case of athletics, we have a process through which coaches can identify the most promising athletic recruits, who also have strong academic credentials, for the consideration of the admission office. This athletic recommendation does not at all “reserve a spot” for an applicant to Stanford; it simply designates applicants who are judged by coaches to be competitive recruits. All applicants, including those who are recommended by coaches, still must meet Stanford’s very high academic bar for admission, and the final judgment is made by the admission office.

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell claim that no members of the incoming freshman class are tied to the college admissions scandal. In response to the admission of the student who used a fake athletic profile and a massive donation to the sailing program, the pair say they are committed to restoring trust in the Stanford admissions process.

“We know that this episode has jarred the trust of many Americans in the college admissions process, and it has prompted many questions from the Stanford community. We are determined to take the right steps at Stanford to ensure the integrity of our process and to work toward rebuilding that trust,”  Tessier-Lavigne and Drell wrote.

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