Report: Antifa Threatens Candace Owens Event at University of Pennsylvania

Candace Owens speaking with attendees at the 2018 Young Women's Leadership Summit
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Antifa members and their sympathizers are reportedly planning to “shut down” Monday’s College Republicans event at the University of Pennsylvania, where Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens will be speaking.

Several tweets were recently made threatening Monday’s event at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Candace Owens — one tweet coming from Philadelphia’s Antifa group, according to a report by The UPenn Statesman,  the school’s independent student newspaper that is co-hosting the event with the College Republicans group.

“Hitler admiring, far-right, anti-immigrant fear monger Candace Owens brings her outrageously wrong and backwards ‘ideology’ to UPenn on Monday, for real y’all are an Ivy League School? Y’all should have that revoked,” tweeted the Philadelphia Antifa group on Friday.

The tweet was in response to a user on Twitter, who said, “Turning Point USA’s Director of Communications, Candace Owens, is scheduled to speak at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday the 15th of April, at College Hall room 200. Since this event was announced, the community has organized to shut down this engagement early…”

The Philadelphia Antifa group had harassed Charlie Kirk and Owens out of a breakfast establishment last August — an incident that Owens had noted during last week’s Congressional hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.

“If [Democrats] actually were concerned about white nationalism, they would be holding hearings on Antifa, a far-left, violent, white gang, who determined one day in Philadelphia in August that I, a black woman, was not fit to sit in a restaurant,” said Owens.

“They chased me out, they yelled ‘race traitor’ to a group of black and Hispanic police officers who formed a line to protect me from their ongoing assaults,” added Owens, “They threw water at me, they threw eggs at me, and the leftist media remained silent on it.”

Twitter users discussed different items to throw at Owens during Monday’s event, seeming to no longer be interested in water or eggs.

“I’m not saying anyone should throw water or eggs at her for speaking but Walmart does sell Coyote Urine in a bottle and Balloons, some assembly required,” said one individual on Twitter.

“Candace Owens is coming to Penn next week,” tweeted another user, “3 likes and I will attempt to throw an overripe tomato at her.”

Other users attempted to conflate the black conservative with white nationalism, and claimed that Owens’ campus visit had an effect on their physical health.

“Racist propagandist, white nat’lism enabler & viral deception agent Candace Owens has been invited by Penn GOP to speak on campus,” tweeted one user, “[Owens] is hard at work rewriting history, calling south. strat. a myth. Disturbing in light of campus ‘free-speech’ ex order.”

“I’m fucking disgusted that @Penn is going to host white nationalism advocate Candace Owens,” said another user, “Like, physically fucking ill.”

Candace Owens commented to Breitbart News, “Absolutely nothing has changed about the Democrat Party over the last 60 years, they have just gotten better at concealing their motives,. During the civil rights era, they used intimidation and violence via their domestic terror group, the Ku Klux Klan. Today, they use the same tactics via Antifa.”

Owens added, “Fortunately, the facade is dropping and the hate and racism that dictates every inch of their party is at long last being exposed. “I am neither intimidated, nor will I be silenced. I am looking forward to a successful event.”

Update — Added a quote from Candace Owens and clarified the act that Charlie Kirk will not attend the UPenn event.

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