Bill Maher Condemns Oberlin College SJWs: ‘There’s a Price to Pay’

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Comedian Bill Maher criticized social justice warriors at Oberlin College this week over their role in defaming a local bakery. The family-owned business won a $44 million judgment in a defamation case against the notoriously progressive school.

Gibson’s Bakery was awarded $44 million in total damages by an Ohio jury last week when they decided that Oberlin College had defamed the bakery, calling it racist for its actions during a shoplifting incident.

This week, comedian Bill Maher condemned the “social justice warriors” behind the defamation.

“Social justice warriors … are finally finding that maybe there’s a price to pay [for political correctness],” Maher said during his weekly HBO show. The liberal comedian has long argued that political correctness does more harm than good to the cause of liberalism.

Oberlin College maintains that they did not defame Gibson’s Bakery. According to the college, it simply aided students who wished to engage in activism in response to the incident at the bakery. Oberlin believes that it was simply helping its students express themselves.

The jury did not see it that way.

Commentator Charlie Sykes, who sat on Maher’s panel during the show, called out the left for its role in perpetuating bad behavior.

“I’m tired of the term ‘political correctness’,” Sykes said on the panel. “It’s like ‘performative wokeness.’ In our mono-culture, we have to find a way to humiliate, to drive people out that we disagree with, and I will tell you that there’s a huge backlash. … The folks on the right were bailing on liberalism. … They’re basically saying that, ‘The Left wants to destroy you, they hate you, they want to take away your rights, they want to destroy your business.’ Unfortunately, you have anecdotes like this that make it that plausible.”

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