Rep Doug Lamborn Blasts Colorado State University for Declaring Word ‘America’ Offensive

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Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) hit back hard against Colorado State University’s claim that the words “America” and “American” are offensive.

Breitbart News reported last week that officials at the public Colorado State University were telling students that the words “America” and “American” were offensive. The university’s “Inclusive Language Guide” argues that the words erase other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.”

The “Inclusive Language Guide” also asks students to avoid the label “straight” as a synonym for heterosexual because it allegedly implies that those who are not straight are “not normal” or “crooked.”

Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn blasted Colorado State University in a tweet week, arguing that all Americans should be comfortable expressing pride in their country.

“Wow! @ColoradoStateU’s Inclusive Coms Task Force decided that America is a word so ‘offensive’ it should not be spoken. I’m #ProudtobeanAmerican. All Americans from all walks of life should be able to say they’re proud of their country,” Lamborn tweeted last week, tagging President Trump and Colorado State University.

A spokesperson for Colorado State University told Campus Reform last week that the terms “America” and “American” were only included in a preliminary draft of the “Inclusive Language Guide” document.

The version that Campus Reform, the Collegian, and one of our employees have shared online was a preliminary draft that was still under construction/revision back in October when the student newspaper posted it, and the language in question was removed before the document was finalized and released in January by the people who wrote it. Attached is the final version of this guide which was created as a resource for members of the CSU staff who had specifically requested this guidance. The old (October) link from the Collegian which you have in your original story from Wednesday was the preliminary draft that was still under discussion among internal members of the involved group.  The preliminary draft was also posted by a CSU employee for discussion purposes back in the fall (not the final attached here that the people working on it eventually agreed on in January) and it never got taken down.

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