Republican YouTube Star Joey Salads: Establishment GOP Can Be ‘Cringey’

Joey Saladino, the YouTube star and Staten Island Congressional candidate, sat down for an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, discussing the GOP, “loser” professional politicians, and President Trump’s success in deal-making.

Asked whether he thought the GOP was getting through to young right-wingers, Saladino said that the party’s messaging was “very dated… a lot of it is embarrassing and kind of cringey.” However, some Republicans, like Dan Crenshaw, the Republican congressman from Texas, are trying to get up to date. “It’s not quite there, but [they’re] getting there,” said Saladino.

“I see Dan Crenshaw trying, but I’m just noticing so many errors in his way of doings things. Cause, you know, they’re not social media people. They’re coming into this and it’s new to them.”

As someone with years of experience on YouTube and other social media, Saladino said he was willing to help the GOP, and “upgrade everybody’s performance.” Simple things, like how videos are formatted, are often lacking, according to Saladino.

Saladino also expressed concern at the tendency of establishment Republicans to blame mass shootings on video games, something he described as “ridiculous”.

“You’re going to make yourself look stupid, and you’re going to make the party look stupid… It’s something a lot of people on the left and right agree with.”

Saladino, also known by his stage name “Joey Salads,” was a successful YouTube star before entering politics as a Republican congressional candidate, accumulating over 2 million subscribers on his channel. He is running in NY-11, a formerly Republican district that went Democrat in 2018. The Republican primary in NY-11 will take place on June 23 this year.

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