DNC Demands More Censorship by Facebook of ‘Misinformation’

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has sent a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg containing yet another complaint about “misinformation” on the platform.

In the letter, obtained by Reuters, DNC CEO Seema Nanda wrote that “we have significant remaining concerns about Facebook policies that allow the platform to be used to spread misinformation and undermine our democracy.”

Democrats have been pressuring Facebook and its CEO, Zuckerberg, over its refusal to censor political ads in general, and Donald Trump’s ads in particular.  The DNC, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and the left-wing media have all campaigned for Facebook to censor Trump ads.

In her letter, Nanda asks Facebook to “dedicate additional capacity to enforce your terms of service against these types of malicious actors.”

“Current Facebook policy allows politicians to place demonstrable lies in front of voters via paid ads. This type of elite disinformation, from politicians many voters trust, is one of the most insidious and damaging forms of disinformation. Facebook’s advanced analytics and targeting capabilities, furthermore, allow candidates to direct disinformation at the populations most susceptible to it,” she continued.

However, the DNC CEO stopped short of calling for a Twitter-style blanket ban on political ads.

“Banning political ads or severely inhibiting targeting capabilities on Facebook would not be in our party’s best interest nor in the best interest of promoting voter participation,” she wrote.

Nanda also claimed that the DNC has uncovered “at least nine foreign, inauthentic account networks targeting Americans with anti-Democratic false news content.”

“It’s concerning that we’re able to uncover these terms-of-service-violating operations on a fairly regular basis, with a team far smaller than Facebook’s,” wrote Nanda.

The letter does not appear to have specified what methodology the DNC used to uncover these allegedly inauthentic accounts, why the DNC considered them inauthentic, or what country (or countries) they are from.

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Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.


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