Feds Investigate Tesla Crash that Killed Two

Elon Musk at Model Y announcement

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reportedly set to investigate a recent Tesla crash in Los Angeles which took the lives of two people. The NHTSA has sent a special crash team to investigate the incident, which may have involved Elon Musk’s “Autopilot” software.

ABC News reports that the NHTSA will begin investigating a crash involving a Tesla in Los Angeles which resulted in the deaths of two people. NHTSA spokesman Sean Rushton refused to clarify whether or not the Tesla Model S involved in the crash was on Autopilot when it crashed on December 29 in Gardena.

The Tesla vehicle reportedly left the freeway at a high speed and ran a red light, colliding with a Honda Civic in an intersection. A man and woman in the Honda Civic were killed in the collision. A man and woman in the Tesla were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and no arrests were made at the scene.

The NHTSA said in a statement that it has assigned a special crash investigation team to inspect the Tesla vehicle and the crash scene which has investigated 13 crashes of Elon Musk’s cars that the NHTSA believed were operating on the Autopilot system at the time of the crashes. The results of investigations in ten other cases are still pending.

Another Tesla crash took place last Sunday when Tesla driver Derrick N. Monet of Prescott Valley, Arizona, was injured after rear-ending a parked fire truck along Interstate 70 in Putnam County. Monet’s wife, Jenna N. Monet, was pronounced dead at the hospital following the crash.

A Tesla vehicle also hit a fire truck in 2018 in Culver City, at the time the NHTSA stated that the Autopilot system in the Tesla vehicle “permitted the driver to disengage from the driving task.” Thankfully, no one was hurt in the 2018 crash.

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