UNC Chapel Hill Prof: Free Speech Is ‘Racist’

Racism Is as American as Baseball

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor Eric King Watts argued that “free speech” is “racist” in a recent lecture that took place on campus.

According to a report by The College Fix, a professor at the UNC Chapel Hill is convinced that there is a relationship between “freedom of speech” and “racism.”

UNC Chapel Hill Professor Eric King Watts was captured in a recording making the case that the First Amendment encourages racism.

“Democracy needs free speech, but it is increasingly vulnerable to its excesses,” Watts said towards the beginning of the lecture.

“I will first set forth how freedom of speech is implicated in racism by linking its historical contingency to the production of blackened flesh,” Watts continued. “I will demonstrate how racism produces its uneven distribution of capacity and debility…”

The audience did not have to deeply analyze Watts’ lecture, which was littered with postmodern phrases and fragments, to understand his point. Watts believes that “free speech” is deeply interconnected with racism. At one point, Watts argued that it is nearly impossible to have “freedom of speech” without racism.

“In particular, freedom of speech is conceptualized and found in documents as a universal human capacity and right requiring legislative and judicial protections, but this late-18th-century idealism obscures the manner in which freedom of speech is always already implicated in racism,” Watts said later in the lecture.

According to his faculty biography page, Watts is an associate professor of “rhetorical studies” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Watts focuses his research on the ways in which Black Americans use their “public voice” to shape their society.

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