College Students Call for Room and Board Refunds After Coronavirus Closures

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Charles Krupa/AP

Students at colleges around the country are demanding campus housing refunds after being told to leave their residence halls as a precautionary measure against the Wuhan coronavirus.

Breitbart News reported this week that colleges and universities around the country are shutting down their campuses in response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Many institutions, including Purdue University, Bucknell University, and Harvard University, have told students to leave campus and return to their homes.

Now, students are calling for refunds on their campus housing costs. “If LSU come out saying “move out”, they better be moving my refund for housing in my bank account,” one Louisiana Student wrote.

“Hot take: every school who is cancelling housing/room/board should do the math and refund their students what they’re owed. people are getting kicked out of their only housing. this rule especially for first-gen low income students,” another user added.

Students from universities located around the country chimed in to demand refunds. Some argued that their institution should offer pro-rated refunds for the portion of the semester that students will not be permitted to spend on campus.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX), agreed. Gooden argued “Universities need to do the right thing and refund Room & Board to students who are removed from student housing due to closures.”

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