Bucknell Prof: End the Stereotype of Women Eating Salads

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

During a recent appearance on a student podcast, Bucknell University Professor Erica Delsandro said that she is fighting to end the stereotypes that women enjoy salads and men enjoy hamburgers.

According to a report by The College Fix, Bucknell University Professor Erica Delsandro is on a campaign to destroy gender-based stereotypes. During an appearance on a student podcast last week, Delsandro argued that women are held back in society because of stereotypes about their dietary and fitness habits.

“It is saying: ‘Look at the fact that there’s no women in that weight room and they’re on the treadmills, that women are at the salad bar and men are getting hamburgers,” Delsandro said.

Podcast host Michael Drabich instantly agreed with Delsandro’s claim. “We start with these seemingly innocuous things that seem so normal, and then it becomes like: ‘Okay really, we’re all just gonna be fine with this?’” Drabich said.

When podcast co-host John Davidian, a Bucknell student, claimed that he had never taken a gender studies class, Dalesandro chastised him. “So that’s a problem,” she replied.

Dalesandro went on to make the bizarre claim that male students are given a pass when they show up to class without writing utensils. Moreover, she used this claim as part of a broader argument about how men are given “free passes” when they break the law.

“The structures that allow Michael to come to class without a pencil then play out in these other arenas where men get free passes when they break the law and harm individuals,” Delsandro stated.

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