Indiana U. Profs Ordered to Report Students Who Join Online Classes Naked

panties on a webcam

Indiana University told professors this week that they are required to report students that appear naked on webcam during online class sessions. Indiana University officials reportedly claimed that accidentally appearing naked during a class session is a form of “sexual harassment.”

According to a student newspaper report, professors at Indiana University have been instructed to report students that appear naked on their webcams during online class sessions. Nearly all university classes have shifted online in response to the ongoing Chinese virus pandemic.

Now, Students and remote workers have noticed an increase in bizarre occurrences during Zoom video conferences. Some have accidentally appeared naked on their webcams. Others have struggled to ensure that family members remain silent during online work or learning sessions.

The report claims that professors at Indiana University were told in an email from administrators last week that they are required to report student misconduct that they witness during class sessions.

Some IU instructors were warned in an email last week that students may be dropping into Zoom calls to participate in online class completely naked, IU spokesperson Chuck Carney said.

Carney said instructors have been informed that they are required to report any instances of nudity because it violates the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct, and because the incident could be a sign of psychological distress.

Indiana University students that appear naked on their webcam during class sessions will be subject to several forms of sanction. According to the report, students may be charged with personal misconduct, sexual misconduct, or academic misconduct. Additionally, students that appear naked during class sessions will be asked to undergo a psychological evaluation.

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