Watch: Students in Miami Trust China and TikTok over Trump

TikTok, video sharing app that has become wildly popular with teens, paid a record fine in the United States for illegally collecting personal information from children
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Young Americans in Miami, Florida, were interviewed this week about President Donald Trump’s plan to ban the TikTok in the United States. Many of the young people suggested that they trust the Chinese government more than Donald Trump.

Breitbart News has reported extensively on President Trump’s efforts to ban TikTok in the United States. Some experts have argued that the China-based company behind TikTok is stealing American user data and handing it over to China’s communist government.

In early July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States was considering a restriction on the TikTok platform due to concerns that private user data was being shared with the Chinese government. In early August, President Trump announced that TikTok would have 45 days to partner with an American company to prevent a domestic shutdown of its service.

Campus Reform took to the streets of Miami to find out how students feel about the potential ban. Many of them seem to take China’s side.

Several young people suggested that they trust President Trump less than they trust the Chinese government.

“I’m against Trump… so I don’t believe anything Trump has to say,” one young woman said.

“Who do I trust more, China or Donald Trump? That’s a very difficult question to ask,” another woman said.

“I don’t trust either [Trump or the Chinese government]. I really don’t know enough to say,” another young person added.

Most of those interviewed claimed that they didn’t view TikTok as a threat to Americans.

“I have heard a little bit about China owning the information, the data information,” one person said. “I don’t personally feel threatened by it. I also don’t have anything to hide.”
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