Twitter Files: Biden Admin ‘Angry’ that Company Didn’t Blacklist More Americans over Coronavirus Tweets

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Officials from the Biden administration were “angry” that Twitter didn’t ban several accounts it identified as tweeting coronavirus “misinformation,” according to the latest release of the Twitter Files.

The latest batch of the Twitter files were released by author and journalist David Zweig and cover how Twitter suppressed debate about the coronavirs pandemic.

“A December 2022 summary of meetings with the White House by Lauren Culbertson, Twitter’s Head of U.S. Public Policy, adds new evidence of the White House’s pressure campaign, and cements that it repeatedly attempted to directly influence the platform,” reported Zweig.

Zweig then posted a screenshot of part of Culbertson’s memo:

The Biden team was not satisfied with Twitter’s enforcement approach as they wanted Twitter to do more and to de-platform several accounts. Because of this dissatisfaction, we were asked to join several other calls. They were very angry in nature.

According to Zweig, Twitter “did not fully capitulate to the Biden team’s wishes,” noting that employees “debat[ed] moderation cases in great detail, and with more care than was shown by the government toward free speech.”

“But Twitter did suppress views—many from doctors and scientific experts—that conflicted with the official positions of the White House. As a result, legitimate findings and questions that would have expanded the public debate went missing,” added Zweig.

Zweig noted that in addition to the use of AI, content moderation was often outsourced to contractors with no medical or scientific background, who were asked to moderate comments made by scientists.

“Inevitably, dissident yet legitimate content was labeled as misinformation, and the accounts of doctors and others were suspended both for tweeting opinions and demonstrably true information,” wrote Zweig.

At one point, Zweig posted a communication from Yoel Roth, who briefly became head of Trust & Safety under Elon Musk, had to explain to deputy general counsel Jim Baker that optimism about the future spread of COVID wasn’t misinformation.

Baker had asked if a tweet from President Trump telling people to not be afraid of COVID should be considered a violation of Twitter policy.

“Twitter made a decision, via the political leanings of senior staff, and govt pressure, that the public health authorities’ approach to the pandemic – prioritizing mitigation over other concerns – was “The Science,” concluded Zweig.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.


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