Report: Elon Musk’s Alleged Drug Use Becoming a Concern for Tesla and SpaceX Leadership

Elon Musk, Tesla chairman, smokes a "spliff" (marijuana and tobacco cigar) on the Joe Roga
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Elon Musk’s alleged use of illegal drugs has reportedly become a source of concern for executives and board members at Tesla and SpaceX, potentially threatening the stability and future of these tech giants.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, is engaging in the use of various illegal drugs, including LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, mushrooms, and ketamine. This information comes from individuals close to Musk and those who have witnessed his drug use, painting a concerning picture of the billionaire’s lifestyle choices. Musk, who has previously landed in hot water due to comments or tweets he’s made, attributes his behavior to factors like creativity and mental health challenges rather than solely drug use.

However, this hasn’t done much to calm the growing concerns from executives within his companies​.

Musk’s drug use often occurs at private gatherings around the globe, where high confidentiality is maintained through nondisclosure agreements or the confiscation of phones at the entrance. It’s at these events that Musk has allegedly used substances including marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, and ketamine, sometimes in the company of notable figures like his brother Kimbal Musk and former Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson​.

The implications of Musk’s reported drug use extend far beyond personal health concerns. As the leader of companies with significant ties to government contracts and public investments, Musk’s potential drug use has serious implications. SpaceX, a crucial player in the U.S. space program, and Tesla, a leader in the electric vehicle industry, are directly impacted by Musk’s public image and behavior.

His drug use could potentially breach federal policies and jeopardize the multiple contracts that SpaceX has with the U.S. government – some of which require certain levels of security clearance for executives.

This particular habit of Musk’s is reportedly beginning to cause issues within his companies. For instance, Linda Johnson Rice, a former Tesla director, allegedly became so frustrated with Musk’s erratic behavior and concerns about his drug use that she chose not to seek re-election to Tesla’s board in 2019.

Possibly on a more serious level, Musk’s conduct has raised red flags among federal agencies.

For example, his marijuana use on the Joe Rogan show in 2018 prompted NASA to demand written assurances from SpaceX regarding compliance with federal drug-free workplace laws, leading to additional training costs and scandal for the space exploration company.

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At Tesla, the company’s code of conduct emphasizes a drug-free workplace, a rule that clearly doesn’t seem to apply to Musk. The Drug-Free Workplace Act also applies to SpaceX due to its government contracts.

However, investors have regularly overlooked issues surrounding Musk and his various eccentricities, including his drug use, particularly when Tesla and SpaceX have performed exceptionally well. Tesla stock has risen approximately 1,000 percent in the last five years, despite declines in 2022. In comparison, the S&P 500 has increased by around 86 percent in the same time period. SpaceX’s revenue has also experienced a significant increase.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal here.

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