Elon Musk’s Starlink Falls Short of SpaceX Subscriber Projections by 92.5%

SpaceX’s ambitious Starlink project has failed to meet Elon Musk’s initial projections for customer growth and revenue, raising questions about the viability of satellite internet in an increasingly competitive market. The company had about 1.5 million customers worldwide at the end of 2022 against a project of 20 million subscribers.

Elon Musk Starlink

Elon Musk Claims His Starlink Decision Avoided ‘Major Act of War and Conflict Escalation’ in Ukraine

Elon Musk’s decision to not activate Starlink’s satellite communications during a critical moment in the Ukraine conflict has sparked a heated debate on the role of private tech companies in international affairs. Musk took to his X/Twitter platform to defend the decision by claiming, “If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation.”

Elon Musk Starlink

Comrade Elon: Musk’s Tesla Pledges to Uphold ‘Core Socialist Values’ for Communist China

Elon Musk’s Tesla has pledged to uphold “core socialist values” and compete fairly in China’s fast growing car market. Musk’s latest agreement with the communist government comes of the heels of his praise for the country’s AI researchers. Musk praised the “wisdom and determination” of Chinese AI researchers despite the country’s hostile stance towards the United States.

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WSJ: Elon Musk’s SpaceX Has a ‘De Facto Monopoly’ with 88% of Space Launches

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has emerged as the dominant force in the rocket-launch market, handling a staggering 88 percent of customer flights from American launch sites in the first half of 2023. One former Air Force space operations officer explains, “The fact is that the competition can’t field anything right now and that makes SpaceX a de facto monopoly.”

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Elon’s Blunder: SpaceX Failed to Implement FAA Program to Stop Teen from Tracking Musk’s Private Jet

In a striking oversight, Elon Musk and his SpaceX team failed to properly implement privacy measures offered by an FAA program, which has allowed continued tracking of Musk’s private jet. Self-proclaimed “free speech advocate” Musk had previously banned a teenager from Twitter for running “@ElonJet,” an account that tracked his private jet’s flight activity.

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Biden Helps Jeff Bezos by Weakening Spaceflight Rules

The Biden administration recently changed rocket procurement rules for Phase 3 of the National Security Space Launch System — the program the United States government uses to launch payloads into space — in a way that may provide significant financial benefits to Blue Origin and its founder, Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos.

(INSET: Blue Origin rocket) Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos addresses the audience during a keynote session at the Amazon Re:MARS conference on robotics and artificial intelligence at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6, 2019. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo by MARK RALSTON/AFP via …

Elon Musk Claims Twitter Layoffs Are Done and Company Is Hiring Coders

Twitter owner Eon Musk has said that after firing almost two-thirds of Twiter’s 7,500-person workforce over the past three weeks and decimating the company’s contract workforce, the company is now hiring again with an emphasis on coders. Musk didn’t comment on if he would rehire any workers impacted by layoffs if they learned to code.

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