Gulf Cartel Members Tried To Rescue Two of Their Own

Gulf Cartel Members Tried To Rescue Two of Their Own

TUCSON, Arizona – Gulf Cartel members tried to rescue two of their comrades by trying to run authorities off the road before they could get to the police station in the border city of Reynosa, they also seized a weapons cache and more than three dozen road spikes. 

The chain of events that ended in the rescue attempt took place last weekend along the highway that connects Reynosa south to the city of San Fernand when a convoy of Tamaulipas State police officers were patrolling the area and one of their vehicles ended up getting a flat tire caused by a road spike, information obtained by Breitbart Texas shows. 

Authorities combed the area and recovered 38 road spikes and shortly after caught two men in a red vehicle who admitted to being members of organized crime. Inside the vehicle authorities seized nine assault rifles, 69 loaded ammunition magazines, close to 1700 ammunition rounds and a grenade. 

As authorities moved to take the gunmen to a police station in Reynosa, an unidentified vehicle pulled up alongside them and tried to run the off the road but fled after authorities fought off the attack. 

Road spikes are made up of six or eight nails welded together to create a pyramid which when thrown by the dozens onto a road or highway land facing up, Tamaulipas authorities have told Breitbart Texas. The purpose of the device is to deflate any tire of the vehicles that make up a military or police convoy forcing the entire group to stop or risk leaving their comrades behind in a dangerous situation.

Despite regular claims by the Mexican government that the country is safe, for the past four years, the Mexican border city of Reynosa has been the scene of regular firefights where convoys of gunmen from the Gulf Cartel often clash with their rivals or with authorities along city streets in broad daylight. Most recently the Gulf Cartel has undergone an internal rift with rival factions fighting for control which has sparked even more frequent firefights along the northern Mexico border.

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