Guatemalan President Asks High-Level Officials Under Investigation for Corruption to Resign


A stable Central America is highly beneficial to Texas and the United States. The CICIG, a UN funded investigation group, has been very active in Guatemala. In May, President Otto Perez Molina asked for the resignation of several high level public officials.

The following have resigned and are being investigated for corruption: the Vice President, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Energy & Mines, the Minister of Environment, the President of the Central Bank, and the Head of the Social Security Administration.

Several additional government officials are being investigated, and several have been arrested for corruption. The amount of funds being discussed with regard to this widespread corruption are staggering.

It’s rumored that someone allegedly leaked the public official corruption information to the public, unleashing an unprecedented backlash by the population at large. There have been massive public demonstrations each Saturday, demanding the wholesale resignations of public officials.  The protesters are now asking for the resignation of President Otto Perez.

It’s interesting, too, that we are approaching the next general election in September, and the backlash has spread to most of the declared candidates.  The CICIG contract will expire in September. Will the new president renew the contract?

More timely information on this development can be found on Google by searching for “Guatemalan cabinet and government officials resignations.”