Protesters Against ‘The Donald’ Trumped by Supporters at Border

Photo: Breitbart Texas/Michelle Moons
Laredo, TX

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump’s arrival in Laredo, Texas was met with a mix of a modest number of protesters as well as supporters, but the protesters did not last throughout the days events. A healthy contingent of supporters; however, greeted the Donald in a meeting of law enforcement officials which cheered Trump while supporters outside also cheered him on.

The day began at a small airstrip in Laredo when the protesters and supporters chanted competing messages as Trump exited the plane that brandishes his name.

Protester Rolando Gonzalez held up a sign that read, “Trump’s hair is illegal.” Ana Maria Hernandez held up her “Women Ready for Hillary” sign and though protesting Trump said, “he’s talking a little bit nicer about immigration and those people who have lost their loved ones from crimes.”

Protester Manuel Bocanegra, Founder and President of the Cesar Chavez Memorial Alliance, told Breitbart News that there should be border enforcement and legal immigration.


Protester Rolando Gonzalez held up a sign that read, “Trump’s hair is illegal.” (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Michelle Moons)

Those protesters largely disappeared the rest of the day as Trump visited the World Trade Center border bridge and met with Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz and City Manager Jesus Olivares before answering reporters questions.

Trump went on to the Paseo Real reception hall near the airport to speak with a room full of members of the local law enforcement community (BP, ICE, Laredo PD, DEA, ATF and others according to press information provided by Trump’s staff). The attendees were very enthusiastic, not dampened by the gotcha sentiment of many members of the press surrounding the room.

Outside the meeting Trump encountered more very enthusiastic supporters. Before leaving the parking lot, the car stopped for a moment for Trump to briefly address the supporters in thanks.

He was then whisked away back to the airstrip where a few supporters bid him farewell. Fan Joseph Diaz reflected on why he’s appreciative of Trump before waving goodbye to Trump watching the presidential candidate’s plane leave the tarmac.

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