Texas High School Locked Down After Weapon Reported, 9/11 Hoax Say Police

Plano School in Lock Down
Photo: NBCDFW Video Screenshot

The Plano Police Department was called out to Clark High School on Friday after a caller reported a weapon in the school. The school is currently in lock down pending a search of the campus. All students are reported to be safe at this time.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m. CDT: Plano police have said the call from a stolen cell phone reporting that a student had a weapon and a bomb turned out to be a hoax, according to a report of Fox4News in Dallas.

A post on the Plano Independent School District Facebook page states: Clark HS has been released from lockdown. Following a thorough search by Plano PD, along with the district’s security personnel and K-9 unit, students were released to their fourth period classrooms. Lunch will be served and school will resume on an altered schedule.

The Plano Independent School District, north of Dallas, Texas, called police after receiving a call that a weapon was on campus, according to a post from the school district on Facebook. “The caller was able to give a specific location of the potential threat, expediting the search,” the district wrote in the post.

NBCDFW is sending a helicopter to cover the scene from the air. Following is a live feed from that helicopter. The screen may appear black from time to time, as this is raw video footage.

The Dallas television station reported that the school district has notified parents of the threat. Police confirmed to the station that they are currently working to evaluate the situation.

Students are reported to be locked in their classrooms while police conduct a campus wide search.

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