Daniel Cormier: ‘I Hold My Own’ Boxing Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192 in Houston

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Daniel Cormier gives up six inches of height and nine inches of reach to Alexander Gustafsson. But the Olympic wrestler says he does not fear standing with the Swedish striker at UFC 192 Saturday night in Houston.

“Honestly, man, I do believe I could box Alexander, without question,” the light-heavyweight champion told Breitbart Sports on the UFC 192 conference call. “There are ways to win fights. Sometimes you don’t always choose the easiest way to win a fight. I believe that if it’s a boxing fight between me and Alex, yeah, I hold my own.”

Apart from possessing perhaps the best wrestling in the light-heavyweight division, the champion utilizes elite boxing, as displayed in his victories over Frank Mir and Antonio “Big Foot” Silva. He traded with those taller, longer men, and Cormier thinks he can win his fight against Gustafsson on his feet if it comes to that.

Gustafsson, whose physical advantages and knockout power seemingly provide an edge standing, insists he can negate his opponent’s strengths, too.

“Wherever this fight will end up, it’s going to be battle for sure,” Gustafsson told Breitbart Sports. “I’ve done my homework. I’m not surprised if DC wants to stand and bang with me. But at the same time I’m not afraid of his wrestling.”

That wrestling rag-dolled fellow Olympian Dan Henderson, took down Anthony Johnson at will, and body slammed Josh Barnett. But Cormier insists he does not need it.

“I believe that I’ll get on the inside against him,” he explained to Breitbart Sports. “I believe that my hands are just as fast if not faster. I believe I’ll hit with more power that he does. So, yeah, if it’s a stand-up fight, why not? I’d enjoy that.”

The fans would too.