Illegal Alien Released by Obama Busted Breaking Into Border Patrol Agent’s Personal Car

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An illegal alien driving a stolen truck was caught breaking into the personal vehicle of a Border Patrol agent in La Mesa, California–by the Border Patrol agent who owned the vehicle. The foreign national had been captured by Border Patrol agents previously as he illegally entered the U.S. and was ordered released and given a Notice to Appear (NTA) in concordance with the Obama Administration’s executive orders on enforcement.

As a group of Border Patrol agents returned to their vehicles on Sunday night and they noticed a vehicle parked and the foreign national breaking into the agent’s vehicle. Agents had parked at a location during work hours and returned after their shift of protecting our borders.

Breitbart Texas spoke exclusively with Border Patrol Agent Joshua Wilson in his capacity as a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 1613. He stated, “It’s ironic that our agents spend their days protecting our borders only to return from work to find an illegal alien burglarizing a personal vehicle while in possession of a stolen vehicle.” He added, “The alien was previously released on a Notice to Appear, which Border Patrol agents affectionately refer to as a “Notice to Abscond.”

Another person working in law enforcement with knowledge of the matter gave more specific details to Breitbart Texas. That source stated that the illegal alien was arrested for “possession of burglary tools” and that the La Mesa PD case number is #16011834. The source said the specific time of arrest was between 10:45pm and 11:00pm local time.

The source claimed that the illegal alien was believed to be out on bail from a prior arrest for auto burglary in February, but Breitbart Texas was unable to confirm that detail.

We reached out to the La Mesa Police for comment, but no official comment was received at the time of this article’s publication.