Texas Dentist Caps Flasher in Parking Lot

New Teeth Dentist Office
Photo: Fox 26 Video Screenshot
Houston, TX

HOUSTON, Texas – A dentist on Houston’s south side shot a man in his office’s parking lot after he was seen flashing, fondling himself, and acting aggressive.

Officers from the Houston Police Department were called to the scene of the parking lot of the New Teeth Dental Solutions office near Hobby Airport on Broadway. An as-yet unidentified man had taken off his clothes in the dentist’s office and began to fondle himself, according to a report by MyFoxHouston. The naked man reportedly chased employees around the office and then went out to the parking lot.

One of the dentists went outside and confronted the naked man. The man became aggressive and the dentist was forced to fire his gun in self-defense. The man was taken by ambulance where he was listed as having non-life threatening injuries.

One of the other dentists spoke with Fox 26 and said the other dentist did what he had to so in order to protect his staff.

Houston Police Department Spokesman John Cannon told reporters the naked man charged at the dentist before he fired his handgun, according to an Associated Press article. The dentist reportedly shot the man one time in the abdomen, Cannon stated.

Other witnesses said the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Houston has had a problem in the past with people doing unusual things after taking “Kush,” a synthetic form of marijuana, Breitbart Texas previously reported. The situation has become so bad Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has stepped in to help shut down stores selling the synthetic drugs.

In August, Breitbart Texas reported on an incident in east Texas where a Lufkin man was said to have fallen off the roof of his neighbor’s home while he was naked. The man later admitted to police that he was having “revenge sex” with his neighbor’s wife because the neighbor had slept with his wife. He also admitted to taking “K2” another brand of synthetic marijuana. Police found the man walking naked down the street near his home.

The local FOX affiliate reported the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will present the dentist’s case to a grand jury to determine if any charges should be filed.

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