Texas Teacher Impregnated by Teen Could Plea Free

Alexandria Vera/Facebook
Houston, TX

The former Texas middle school teacher who allegedly became pregnant by her 13-year-old student pleaded guilty in court as part of a deal that caps her punishment and may even allow her to serve a probation sentence.

On Wednesday, Alexandria Vera, 25, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child, KHOU reported. Originally, she faced 25 years to life in prison under a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Her guilty plea caps any potential jail time she may serve at 30 years. However, the deal she struck might also offer Vera eligibility to serve a deferred adjudication sentence, a type of probation that would leave her without a criminal record if she completes it successfully.

“We’re very much hoping for deferred adjudication,” her defense attorney Ricardo Rodriguez told the Houston Chronicle. He intends to ask for the probation when Vera returns to court for sentencing in January.

Breitbart Texas reported on the former Aldine Independent School District English teacher. Court documents revealed Vera had a nine month sexual relationship with a 13-year-old male student in 2015. Purportedly, she became pregnant by her underage victim. Later, she said she had an abortion after Child Protective Services (CPS) began asking questions about the improper relationship between the teacher and her student.

In June, Vera surrendered herself to Montgomery County police after they issued a warrant for her arrest. She since has been free on $100,000 bail but has to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet, remain in her home between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. every day, not have any interactions with any minors, except for relatives, stay away from schools, not use internet at home, and have no contact with the teen who purportedly impregnated her.

Over the summer, prosecutors asserted that Vera violated conditions of her bond agreement. On the evening of July 26, she was out shopping and arrived home 46 minutes late. She also went to run track at the middle school where she used to teach. Additionally, Vera bought a cell phone and set up a calling plan, another thing she was not supposed to do. However, State District Judge Michael McSpadden did not revoke the bond and incarcerate her. Instead, he put Vera on a strict zero tolerance policy as a last chance warning.

Vera first met the then 13-year-old boy during a 2015 summer school session at Stovall Middle School. Prior to any sexual misconduct, the improper relationship began by communicating over social media. The boy purportedly tried to reach her on Instagram. Vera later messaged him after he missed class, which led to the student asking for her phone number. Vera believed she did nothing wrong because she just fell in love.

In the probable cause document, Vera claimed the boy’s parents supported the relationship and were even happy when she announced her alleged pregnancy to them. Although speculation swirled that the boy’s parents might face the criminal charge of failure to report child abuse, they were not charged. Today, the boy is 14-years-old and remains in foster care through at least August 2017. KHOU notes his parents have three other children. Officials ordered the parents to undergo therapy and attend parenting classes.

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