Educator-Student Sexual Misconduct

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Texas School Janitor Accused of Soliciting, Grooming, Sexual Assault of 12-Year-Old Girl

A West Texas middle school janitor stands accused of soliciting, “grooming,” and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and attempting to entice another. Authorities said he lured them in by writing his Snapchat ID on the metal toilet paper dispenser in the girls’ bathroom. The curious pre-teens subsequently visited his profile online.

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Student Testifies Against Texas Teacher in Alleged Sex Misconduct Case

A Texas teacher about to stand trial on two counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 stunned jurors by reportedly admitting to the charges before the trial began this week. He decided to let the court decide his fate. His alleged victim, a teenage girl, testified against him.

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Two Female Texas Teachers Accused of Middle School Sex

In a seemingly recent wave of twenty-something female teachers in Texas getting busted for having sex with their students, two more now stand accused of crossing the line, this time with middle schoolers.


Texas Teacher Impregnated by Teen Could Plea Free

The former Texas middle school teacher who allegedly became pregnant by her 13-year-old student pleaded guilty in court as part of a deal that caps her punishment and may even allow her to serve a probation sentence.

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2 Houston Teachers Accused of Molesting Young Students

Teacher sexual misconduct continues to impact Texas schools. In Houston, officials charged a kindergarten teacher with molesting a five-year-old girl. Nearby, police continue to investigate accusations that a substitute teacher kissed and improperly touched first graders at another elementary school.


March Marred by More Texas Teachers Charged with Sexual Misconduct

Two more former Texas teachers wound up in courtrooms over charges of improper sexual misconduct with students, marring the final days of March. Earlier this week, Breitbart Texas reported on the month’s previous incidents of sexual misconduct between educators and students. In East Texas, a


Sexual Misconduct Allegations Continue to Plague Texas Educators

The troubling trend of sexual misconduct with underage students or similar improper activities with minors continues to plague Texas educators in a month filled with allegations, accusations, charges, and plea deals from around the state. This has caused further eroding of the trust parents place in public schools to protect their children.

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More Texas Teachers ‘Looking For Love in all the Wrong Places’ Arrested

There are two new alleged cases of Texas teachers taken into custody for sexual misconduct in the classroom. One, a male elementary school teacher in the Houston area, was charged with indecency after upskirting an eight-year-old girl with his iPhone. The other, a female Dallas high school teacher, was arrested for an improper relationship with a male student.

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Texas Education Agency: Revisiting Educator-Student Sexual Misconduct

Teacher-student sexual misconduct in public schools is a serious matter. Last year, Texas landed at the unenviable top position on the list in a Drive West Communications study. A whopping 116 of the nation’s 781 recorded educator-student misconduct cases happened in the Lone Star State. This revelation came on the heels of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) experiencing a 27 percent increase in these kinds of inquiries which was was followed by 74 new cases under TEA investigation, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.