VIDEO: Snowflake Boils at Texas Abortion Protest

Snowflake at Abortion Protest - TXST Univ in San Marcos - Twitter Emma Brockway
Twitter Video Screenshot/@theEmmaBrockway ‏
San Marcos, TX

A college student completely loses his temper and destroys anti-abortion signs during a protest at Texas State University.

While the student in the video is not identified, Emma Brockway (@theEmmaBrockway), a self-described progressive activist at the university in San Marcos, Texas, captured the eruption on video and Tweeted it for the world’s consumption.

In an obscenity-filled rant, the male student, who appears to be more offended by images of aborted fetuses than what actually happened to the unborn babies, lashes out against the protest signs destroying several in the process.

“Get the f*** out of here with this bulls**t,” the student can be heard screaming during his tirade. “This is f***ing bulls**t! Get this s**t out of here! F***!”

The young man can be seen carrying what appears to be a gift of flowers and a balloon for some lucky lady. He gently sets them down before attacking the “offensive signs.”

The protester tries to stop the student and explains he has the freedom to protest. “It doesn’t matter, this is freedom of speech,” the older gentleman says.

“Not it’s not, man. It’s wrong!” the student screamed while walking away.

Brockway told

I was walking through the quad and was annoyed to see the anti-choice people again. I’m a junior at Texas State and they constantly come on campus. I am pro-choice. There weren’t a ton of people near the Stallions while this was happening – normally there are more people.

I was shocked, but I have to admit I admire him in some ways because I think he did what we were all wanting to do. I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did. People around me were shocked. After I saw the incident, I immediately began organizing a peaceful counter protest. It’s important that the pro-choice side has a presence at the Stallions as well.

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